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PE - Mrs. Villegas

Running Shoes

Gym shoes are required for Physical Education


Some of the reasons for this requirement:

1. The first reason is solely for your child’s safety. Students are running and moving quickly around the gym. Slick soled shoes present a threat not only to the person wearing them but to their classmates as well. It only takes one person slipping or falling to cause an avalanche of accidents.

2. Another reason is for ease of movement. Movement and skills are part of every lesson and students are expected to give their best effort. Shoes that tie stay on the feet better and can be pulled tight. Students become frustrated and unable to perform to the best of their ability when they wear inappropriate shoes.

3. PE shoes protect the equipment. Mats and other equipment can easily tear or rip when inappropriate shoes are worn.

If students want to wear a different kind of shoe (other than athletic shoes) to school then be sure to pack PE shoes in their back pack. Thank you for your understanding, and please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Mrs. Villegas

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Extra Shoes:


There are a few extra shoes for emergencies. However, there are limited sizes and this also takes away from PE time because students are changing shoes instead of participating in activities or miss instructions, which can lead to even more frustration.


Shoe Exchange


If your child needs PE shoes, we have a few available in the gym. Please stop by and pick up a pair. Your child should wear them each day that they have PE class. If you have some gently used PE shoes, there is a donation box at the front entrance to the school.

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