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2022-23 Fir Grove Family & Student Handbook

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Dear Fir Grove Parents and Students,                          

Welcome to the new school year!  Fir Grove Elementary is a dynamic place where children can learn and grow.  Our philosophy is that when families and educators communicate and work together; student achievement is enhanced.  It’s our hope that this handbook will serve as a reference guide to help familiarize you of our school policies and procedures. Please read the handbook carefully and keep it in a safe place for future reference. 

We are proud of our school, students, staff, families, and community members that help provide wonderful support to our school. We are especially proud of our growing reputation as a school where students are valued for their abilities, talents and differences. Our school has a dedicated and skilled staff that emphasize success in the learning process and to fulfill this goal, we incorporate interesting and innovative experiences in our curriculum, as well as throughout the school day. 

Fir Grove is a learning community where students and staff feel emotionally and physically safe.

I am excited about the new school year and anticipate many fun-filled and challenging educational opportunities for the children.



Erin Miles ~ Principal


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